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Behavior Aide/Family Coach
Job Code:2019-MACON-005
Location:Macon Campus
Job Shifts

Job Responsibilities:
Purpose:  Under general supervision, provides behavioral interventions with individuals and families receiving services in the client’s home, residential placement, school, visitation center or during community outings; these duties include family visitation supervision, transportation and other related work as assigned.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities specific to the Behavior Aide:
• Assesses needs by creating a plan and course of action based on the individual’s needs and assessment of the assignment.
• Provides one on one direct behavioral intervention with individuals and families as identified in the individual or families’ service plan.
• Assists with the replacement of inappropriate behaviors with developmentally appropriate skills to increase adaptive functioning in the community.
• Assists with learning of appropriate self-management skills including problem solving, decision making, communication, conflict resolution, anger management, social and recreational skills.
• Assists the individuals and families to engage in, or remain engaged in, appropriate activities.
• Provides immediate behavioral de-escalation, related interventions and reinforcements.
• Provides appropriate behavioral interruption strategies.
• Collaborates with and supports the family or residential caregivers’ efforts to provide a positive environment.
• Ensures safety of client at all times during the provision of the Behavioral Services; remains responsive to the client’s needs.

Essential Duties specific for the Family Coach:
• Schedules, supervises, assesses, and documents visits between children in foster care and their biological parents and/or other caregivers.
• Provides feedback on strengths and/or challenges observed in the visits.
• Provides data and input into visitation plan and reunification plan.
• Assists with comprehensive intake and the assessment of prospective clients.
• Obtains coverage for any visits unable to cover due to planned absences (vacation, court, etc.) as early as possible.
• Provides in home services to children and families in a variety of setting such as biological home, foster home, group home and others
• If qualified and assigned, completes home evaluations within 2 weeks of date referral received.
• Testifies in court when subpoenaed.
• Works as part of an integrated service team with the Department of Family and Children Services, as well as other public and private agencies, and programs.

Essential Duties for both roles:
• Provides transportation services as assigned.
• Maintains confidentiality regarding the children, youth, individuals and families served.
• Reports incidences of suspected of child abuse in compliance with mandated reporting requirements immediately and verbally to the supervisor.
• Communicates professionally with clients, parents, and guardians.
• Attends ongoing supervision meetings as required; participates in case conferences and related meetings as directed.
• Participates in ongoing trainings offered by The Methodist Home to improve intervention skills.
• Maintains appropriate and timely documentation at the completion of the service.
• Understands the assignments mostly are evenings and weekends.
• Participates in the Assessment Conference, in addition to participating in regularly held staff meetings, case conferences, supervision and in-service training.
• Completes required documents, case narratives, case plans, and gain statistical information when required on all comprehensive reports and outcome data within required time frames.
• Represents The Methodist Home in a professional manner in the community at meetings, trainings, and assigned groups.
Adheres to the Sanctuary Commitments by:
• Maintains a safe and healthy work environment.
• Completes assignments in a timely and accurate manner.
• Takes on additional responsibility in a positive manner.
• Upholds the mission and values of The Methodist Home.
• Demonstrates a commitment to democracy by actively participating in team decisions.
• Practices social responsibility evidenced by dependability and reliability.
• Openly communicates to establish and maintain effective working relationship with people at all levels.
• Utilizes appropriate Sanctuary tools when interacting with colleagues and residents.
• Adheres to the seven commitments of Sanctuary when carrying out work responsibilities.

Job Qualifications:
Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

Must be 21 year of age.
Must have a High school diploma/GED and minimum of five years’ experience in Human Services OR Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with no required experience/Master’s Degree in Human Services preferred.
• Must have a valid Driver’s License with minimum of four year driving history and the ability to meet and remain in good standing in accordance with Agency insurance guidelines.
• Must have the necessary stamina and temperament to work with individuals who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavior disorders
• Must demonstrate the ability to interface and build relationships with individuals, their families and a variety of service providers and collaterals.
• Must demonstrate strong verbal, written, and computer communication skills.
• Must demonstrate the ability to understand and consistently implement policies and procedures of the organization.
• Must be able to multi task in a fast-paced work environment
• Must possess the ability to show sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences in the service population.
• Must be able to be trained in basic first aid, CPR, and verbal de-escalation.

Essential Physical Requirements:
• Duties are performed in a variety of environments ranging from highly stressful and potentially aggressive (physical interventions, escorts, etc.) to casual and leisurely.
• Duties are performed in a variety of environments in both indoor and outdoor settings that can include a wide range of conditions such as high/low temperatures and other inclement weather conditions.
• Necessary stamina to maintain supervision of children who are attempting to run away. This may include fast walking for extended periods of time.
• Ability to lift or carry 15 pounds.
• Ability to assist and support youth ranging in weight from 50 to 150 pounds.
• Overall necessary stamina and temperament to work with individuals who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavior disorders.
• Duties may include bending, stooping or kneeling for various durations of time.
• Duties may occasionally include overhead work, reaching, pulling and pushing items.
• Specific vision abilities include the ability to see for purposes of reading printed material as well as distance vision for purposes of maintaining appropriate supervision.
• Ability to hear and understand speech at normal levels.
• Ability to speak clearly so others can understand you.
• Duties include driving company vehicles.
• Duties may include repetitive hand motions such as typing.

Other Job Information (if applicable):
Essential Physical Requirements:

Duties are performed in a variety of environments ranging from highly stressful and potentially aggressive (physical interventions, escorts, etc.)  to casual and leisurely, in both indoor and outdoor settings.
Ability to successfully complete the Crisis Aggression Limitation Management training program and conduct physical interventions as taught by the instructor.  Examples (1) Escorting a child by the arm to de-escalate; (2) Support a child’s movement to a seated position to the floor or to a chair.
Necessary stamina and temperament to work with children and youth (ages 6-18) who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavior disorders.
Must be prepared to actively participate in a wide range of activities including but not limited to:  basketball, swimming, fishing, volleyball, movies, staffings, team meetings, etc.