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Behavior Aide-Lighthouse
Job Code:2019-MACON-019
Location:Macon Campus
Job Shifts

Job Responsibilities:
Purpose: The Behavior Aide will implement comprehensive positive behavioral support plans and effective behavior management strategies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Implement the mental health behavioral aide services identified in a client’s individual treatment plan and individual behavior plan.
• Implement goals from the client’s individual behavior plan and/or treatment plan that focus on replacing inappropriate skills with developmentally and therapeutically appropriate skills.
• Assist the client to independently utilize skills to increase adaptive functioning in the community.
• Assist in appropriate self-management related to the client’s emotional disorder or mental illness including problem solving, decision making, communication, conflict resolution, and anger management, social and recreational skills.
• Implement de-escalation techniques and other services as recommended by a mental health professional.
• Develop effective working relationships with the individuals receiving services, the responsible part and their families while maintaining professional boundaries.
• Provide person-centered responsive approaches and interventions to individuals, receiving services, the responsible party and other family and team members to promote consistent, quality care.
• Promote the mission and values of The Methodist Home while providing service on campus and in the surrounding community.
• Implement Behavior Strategic Plan/Behavior Intervention Plan.
• Implement behavior strategies.
• Consult and collaborate with site staff.
• Maintain appropriate documentation,
• Ability to use own discretion and personal judgment to assess youth needs by:
• Creating a plan and course of action based on individual needs of the child,
• To provide a behavioral management plan that includes communication, self help, safety and daily living skills.
• Assist Child/Adolescent by redirection and life skills training in home, school or communitysetting.
• Assist child/adolescent by redirection and social development training, in home, school or community setting.
• Using personal judgment, identify available resources to help reduce psychiatric impairment or prevent out of home/school placement.
• Evaluating situations using discretion and personal judgment to adopt an effective course of action, to delegate responsibilities organizes facts and present them effectively.
• Provide consultation and expert advice to management regarding child/adolescent plans and advocacy.
• Using discretion and independent judgment to interpret and implement policies regarding family plans and advocacy.
• Develop and maintain effective therapeutic relationships.
• Promote a professional, positive work environment as indicated by:
• Role model and mentor for staff.
• Maintains a safe and healthy work environment.
• Completes assignments in a timely and accurate manner
• Is willing to take on additional responsibility in a positive manner.
• Upholds the mission and values of The Methodist Home.
• Complete training necessary to perform position consistent with program and agency staff development plans.

Job Qualifications:
Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:
• High School/GED diploma with 5 years of Human Services Experience OR a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services/no experience required in Human Services. 
Must be 21 years of age or older.
• Must have a valid Driver’s License with minimum of four year driving history and the ability to meet and remain in good standing in accordance with Agency insurance guidelines.
• Knowledge of child care practices, developmental issues, and group processes and practices which are important to this position.
• Knowledge and demonstrated skills related to theory and practices for emotionally disturbed children.
• Personal characteristics and experiential background that will provide appropriate care for children, to win their respect, to guide them in their development, to manage a home for them effectively and to participate in the overall treatment program designed for the residents.
• Necessary stamina and temperament to work with children and youth (Ages five to 18) who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavior disorders.
• Maintain high level of confidentiality.
• Must be able to multi task in a fast paced work environment.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to appropriately handle confidential information.
• Ability to understand and consistently implement policies and procedures of the Agency.
• Ability to interact and work cooperatively and effectively with other personnel and residents.
• Ability to show sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural difference in the service population
• Ability to uphold the mission and values of The Methodist Home.
• Ability to be trained in basic first aid, medication administration, CPR and crisis intervention.
• High level of energy required for working with people.
• Nurturing lifestyle that does not conflict with the Christian principles, which are the basis of The Methodist Home’s services.

Essential Physical Requirements:

• Duties are performed in a variety of environments ranging from highly stressful and potentially aggressive (physical interventions, escorts, etc.) to casual and leisurely.
• Duties are performed in a variety of environments in both indoor and outdoor settings that can include a wide range of conditions such as high/low temperatures and other inclement weather conditions.
• Ability to successfully complete the Crisis Aggression Limitation Management training program and conduct physical interventions as taught by the instructor. Examples (1) Escorting a child by the arm to de-escalate; (2) Support a child’s movement to a seated position to the floor or to a chair; (3) Support a child in a physical intervention to the floor, on your knees and for lengthy periods of time; (4) Ability to securely and safely maintain a child in a physical intervention for extended periods of time.
• Necessary stamina to maintain supervision of children who are attempting to run away. This may include fast walking for extended periods of time and/or the use physical interventions to escort/return child to campus
• Ability to lift/carry 15 pounds.
• Ability to assist/support/transport youth ranging in weight from 50 to 150 pounds.
• Overall necessary stamina and temperament to work with children and youth (ages 6-18) who are experiencing crisis and/or emotional and/or behavior disorders.
• Duties may include bending, stooping or kneeling for various durations of time.
• Duties may occasionally include overhead work, reaching, pulling and pushing items.
• Specific vision abilities include the ability to see for purposes of reading printed material as well as distance vision for purposes of maintaining appropriate supervision.
• Ability to hear and understand speech at normal levels.
• Ability to speak clearly so others can understand you.
• Duties include frequent driving utilizing a 15 passenger van.
• Duties may include repetitive hand motions such as typing.
• Must be prepared to actively participate in a wide range of activities including but not limited to: basketball, swimming, fishing, volleyball, movies, staffings, team meetings, etc.

Other Job Information (if applicable):